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Cloud Computing Security Knowledge Online Training: A Necessity For Your Employees

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The advancement of information technology (IT) has led to increased cyber-attacks on business organizations. Statistics show that cyber-attacks associated with ransomware cost businesses up to a tune of over 20 billion dollars in the year 2020. It is essential to take your employees through cloud computing security knowledge (CCSK) online training to protect your business from such attacks. This article tells you what CCSK is, its importance, and why your employees should undergo cloud computing security knowledge online training.

What is CCSK Online Training?

CCSK online training is defined as a training process by which your employees are provided with the necessary skills to protect your organization's data in cloud computing systems. Your employees handle information ranging from general to highly classified. Therefore, they must undergo training to safeguard such data from risks such as theft, deletion, leaking to third parties, and corruption.

Benefits of Taking Your Employees Through CCSK Online Training?

1. Centralized Storage of Data

Before introducing cloud security systems, most companies had their information stored in hard drives and employees' drives. This scattering of information made it easy for data to be lost, deleted, or leaked to third parties. With CCSK online training, your employees will be able to store data securely in a centralized cloud system out of reach on unauthorized third parties.

2. Reduced Administrative Costs

The traditional data storage system in local data centers came with many administrative costs, such as buying equipment for data storage. Additionally, you would be required to hire staff to manage information storage. Taking your team through CSSK online training enables them to independently organize and store data online. This training helps cut down administrative costs of purchasing equipment and hiring staff.

3. Reliable Data Storage System

Cloud computing security provides a more reliable storage system for your data than storing it on a hardware system. This is because CCSK enables online data storage in the cloud, protecting the information from risks such as theft and disasters like fire. Additionally, the data can be accessed in real-time remotely whenever needed. 

4. Ensures Accountability Among Your Employees

A cloud security system shows the activities of your employees regarding accessing the company's information. The cloud system displays data input time, and the device used hence enabling efficient tracking in case of a breach or data leak. Enrolling your staff in CCSK training makes them accountable for handling information.

5. Unlimited Storage Capacity 

Information in the cloud computing system is stored in the cloud service provider's servers, which offer big data storage. CCSK training enables your employees to transform from a limited data storage system to an almost unlimited one with the ability to scale up in real-time whenever they require more storage.