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Got An Idea For A Phone App? How To Pick A Developer

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Although there are millions of apps available for cell phones, you might need something just a bit different from what is available or you have an idea for a new game. Unless you are proficient at coding, you are going to need to hire someone to write the program for you. There are many people who can do this for you, but how do you go about finding the right one? Here are a few tips to help you get your idea onto your phone.


You want to have someone who is excited about your idea. They will be more apt to make suggestions about things that can improve the overall usability of the app. While there are many people capable of writing the coding to your specifications, this will not always result in the best app possible. Unless you have at least a little experience with coding, you may not understand how what you are suggesting and asking needs to be adjusted to make things run more smoothly. Someone who sees the value in your app and is excited about it will go over everything with you and explain why something should be changed or adjusted. Someone not excited will just do as you ask and then charge you more when something needs to be fixed afterwards.


Ask anyone you see as a potential developer what kind of testing will be done before the project is finished and ready to be put on your phone. It is important that people other than the developer test it. They will try and do things that can catch flaws and glitches. In fact, you should ask if you can test it, and have some friends try it out too. The more people who test it, the more apt you are to find things that need to be fixed. Make sure the testing and any fixes are included in the quote too. You do not want to think the project is going to cost one price to find out it is much more after it has been tested and fixed.

Do not go on price alone when choosing the developer for your app. You want someone you can work with and who is willing to work with you. If he or she provides a lot of help that is more than just the coding, you may want to offer a portion of the sales if you decide to take it commercial. Of course, if you want to keep all the money yourself, be sure to get some type of contract with the developer that states this. However, having some type of "partnership" on the project could be extremely beneficial if you come up with another idea.

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