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Getting Ready To Breed Your Dog? Take Measures To Protect Her And Her Pups From Thieves

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Dog theft is a multi-million dollar business in the U.S., and it's estimated that as many as 2 million dogs each year are stolen and resold to everything from dog fighting rings to puppy mills. This should be enough to alarm any dog owner, but anyone breeding their dog needs to be especially concerned about the safety of the pups. If you plan on breeding your dog anytime soon, consider taking some specific safety measures.

1.) Get security fencing and gates.

Security fencing is a must if you're breeding your dog. A good chain link fence can make it easier to keep your kennel area safe from intruders, which makes it easier to let the puppies roam and explore their environment safely. If you want more privacy, consider adding vinyl slats to the chainlink. A good security fence needs to be about 5-6 feet high. Consider having a curved top that arches outward from the fence as an additional measure to make it more difficult for would-be dognappers to climb.

2.) Add alarms to any outdoor kennels.

If you have any outdoor kennels or runs where you keep your dogs and pups during the day, have the gates fitted with wireless alarms that can be set by remote. That way, you can quickly and easily make sure that all the gates are closed and you'll know immediately if they're opened without the proper code. Automatic locks with remote access can be controlled with a smartphone if you need to let someone in and out of the kennel area while you're away from the home.

3.) Use motion-activated security lights.

Motion-activated security lights work by measuring the infrared light that comes from objects within its field of view. You can have them placed at strategic points along the length of the area where the dogs and pups are kept, as well as placed in any dark corners of the property. Unlike regular security lights, motion-activated lights only come on when they detect movement in their range. In order to avoid having the lights set off with every movement of the dog and her pups, ask your security expert to angle the motion sensors in the lights above dog height. That way, they should only go on when something tall (like a human) comes in range.

4.) Add security cameras for active surveillance.

There are a lot of security cameras that allow for remote viewing with just your cell phone. That means that security cameras can be set up to watch the kennel area, the fence line, and the gates, and you'll be able to monitor your dog and her pups in real time anywhere you have an internet connection.

While there's no substitute for keeping your dog and her pups under a watchful eye, modern security devices can make your kennel area a lot safer. Talk to a security system expert in your area today for more information.