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5 Good Reasons To Recycle Your Unwanted Electronics Or E-Waste

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If you have unwanted electronics and electronic parts (sometimes referred to as e-waste), you may be tempted to discard them in the regular trash. Unfortunately, this is not always the responsible way to dispose of your items. Electronic waste can and should be recycled for many reasons. Items such as televisions and video equipment, as well as computers, printers, ink, and toner can be recycled or donated for reuse. Rechargeable batteries and cell phones may also be recycled. If you are wondering why you should recycle electronic waste, here are good reasons to do so:

1. Recover and Reuse: Many materials that are found in home electronics can be recovered and reused. Many electronics contain materials of value, such as iron, copper, brass, and other metals. Recovering and reusing these materials helps to conserve the planet's natural resources. This is a sensible thing to do. Recovering these metals and plastics helps manufacturers refurbish electronics without having to deplete other resources.

2. Keep Landfills From Overflowing: When old electronics are discarded to landfills, they use up valuable space. By recycling, you will help conserve this space and keep the landfills from flowing over. In addition, you'll help to keep hazardous chemicals such as mercury and lead out of the landfills where they may harm the environment or poison and injure wildlife.

3. Help the Nations Economic Growth: How can recycling electronic waste help the nation's growth? For one thing, it may help create new jobs. Many individuals rely on refurbishing jobs to support themselves and their families. Turning e-waste into materials to refurbish will help keep these workers employed.

4. Obey the Law: Did you know that discarding electronics such as computers and TVs with your normal trash is considered unlawful in some states? If you are uncertain of your state law, why not play it safe and dispose of your electronics responsibly?

5. Recycling Unwanted Electronics Has Never Been Easier: With the focus on keeping the environment clean and green, many companies are offering recycling options and take back programs free of charge. You may find that major appliance and electronics stores offer recycling programs where you can bring your e-waste. Some retailers even offer a rewards programs. This will earn you points that may be redeemed for future purchases.

You can find recycling locations by checking online or contacting your local retailers. You should always check ahead of time before bringing in your unwanted electronics to a recycling center. Keep in mind that some electronics may not be accepted.