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How You Know Your IT Services Are Properly Managed

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Managed IT services can either be managed in-house, or outsourced to a company that remotely manages your services. Regardless of which manner your IT services are managed, are you certain they are properly managed? Here is how to know for sure.

The Whole Point to Managed IT Services

The whole point to managed services of any kind is that they cut operation costs and, in turn, increase profits. If your IT services are not properly managed, your operating costs increase or stay the same and/or your profits drop off. If you notice this trend in your company, you should immediately re-evaluate who is managing your IT services and assess what it is that is negatively affecting the bottom line. It may not be something that the IT services team or company is already doing, but what else they could and should be doing.

Room for Improvement

If there is still plenty of room for improvement, then your IT services have not reached their fullest potential. You should have an agreement in place with any outsourced managed IT services to not only meet a level of improvement, but also to meet when those goals have not been quite met by an expected date. Since outsourced services have lots of solutions to help improve stats, it should be an expected part of doing business when consumers ask to meet about these issues.

If your managed IT services are managed in-house by your company's own IT professionals, you are afforded the convenience of addressing issues on a monthly basis. Then you can meet with your IT team to get a full and comprehensive evaluation of how things are going. You also have the convenience of punishing or firing anyone that has failed, which you cannot do if your managed IT services are outsourced.


When your managed IT services include the latest and best in technology and software, and it all runs perfectly, then they are properly managed. If your company technology is a year or more behind the times, it is not being managed properly. Technology changes rapidly, and if you are not current and up-to-date, you cannot compete. A presentation on the subject is necessary for in-house managed services, but is often automatic and provided with appropriate notice by outsourced managed services. You can check with your IT pros to see if everything in-house is current, as they would know if it is not.

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