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Phone Charging Station Features Ideal For Small Dorm Rooms

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When attending college, many students try to cram and fill their small living spaces with as many useful things as possible. One item that you'll likely be using on a daily basis is your cell phone. Keeping the phone charged up and ready to use for a day of classes and socializing is essential. As you shop for charging stations, it's important to find one that can supply you with the features that you need while fitting comfortably inside of your dorm room. Dorm rooms average just over 200 square footage of space and saving every little bit with charging stations can make a huge difference.

Wall Docking Station

The desk space available in your dorm is often limited. As books, notepads, and laptops fill up the area, it may be tough to squeeze in your phone. Help conserve space in the dorm by shopping for a docking station that can attach to the wall. These docking stations often plug into a standard outlet. They often feature expanded outlets that includes both standard outlets and USB outlets. The station holders are built to securely keep your phone in place while it charges. The charging station can be placed right near your dorm room bed for easy access and the use of the phone's alarm clock.

Multi-Function Features

Small devices can quickly take up a lot of space in a dorm room. A phone charging station can provide multi-function features that eliminates the need for purchasing other devices. One of the main extra features you can find on a charging station is a clock radio. The large clock display makes it easy to see the time, set alarms, and get to class on time. Charging stations may also feature speakers built into them. This allows you to charge your phone and enjoy a variety of streaming music services. The speakers may also plug into other devices like tablets and laptops. This allows you to enjoy quality sound without the need to purchase extra speakers for different types of devices.

Drawer Charging Stations

As an alternative to leaving your phone charging out in the open, you can purchase a drawer charging station for your phone. these stations are designed to fit neatly inside of a desk drawer. If your dorm room features locking desks, then you can protect your phone and keep it hidden while it charges. The use of the drawer also saves a lot of space from having to place the station on top of the desk. Drawers charging stations may also feature extra compartments for small accessories like stylus pens, screen cleaners, and portable battery banks.

Other Device Chargers

Your dorm room may feature a number of other devices that also need charging. Instead of creating a maze of cables, you can organize everything together on one charging station. A lot of different charging stations feature areas for other devices. Ideally, you want to find a station that can charge these devices in a vertical position, so they take up less desk space in your dorm. The stations can be used for multiple phones, tablets, and thin laptop computers. You may have both a large tablet and a smaller one that can be charged on the same station as your phone. These stations are also ideal for sharing with a roommate. By purchasing a single station, both you and your roommate can save space and have easy access to charging ports. A number of different designs can also be found. You can choose a standard black design or opt for something that looks like wood and has a rustic feeling to it.

The charging station can last you through multiple semesters in college and provide easy storage solutions for your phone. For more info, go to websites of companies that offer charging solutions.