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5 Home Theater Upgrades Ideal for Fans of Superhero Films

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Superhero movies are made to be big, loud, and full of epic action. These spectacles are best enjoyed with a proper home theater system that can provide the visual and audio quality to make the effects and characters really come to life. If you're a fan of superhero films like The Avengers, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, or Ant-Man, then you should have a home theater that is equipped to properly play these films. The following five home theater upgrades can drastically improve your movie-watching experience and provide great ways to enjoy all other types of content, as well.

1. Subwoofer Upgrades

Feel the power of Thor's hammer or the roaring engine of the Batmobile thanks to the installation of a high-quality subwoofer. A new subwoofer installation can dramatically change the way a superhero movie sounds in your home theater. This device is focused on creating low-frequency sounds, including loud bangs, revving car engines, and booms that are amplified through a large cone inside the subwoofer. These cones are typically larger than a standard speaker cone. The subwoofer size that you choose will depend on the size of the room: the smaller the room, the smaller the subwoofer that is needed. A home theater professional can help deliver the proper size while not compromising on the quality.

2. Sound Bars

While a subwoofer is great for sound effects and superhero battles, the rest of the movie's audio can be delivered through a dynamic sound bar. Sound bars use a wide stereo sound format to spread the sound out across the room. This can help bounce sounds off the walls and create the sensation of a surround sound system using just a single speaker. Sound bars are also small and compact, which allow you to enjoy great sound without having equipment take up a lot of space in your home theater.

3. Vibrating Seats

Another way to feel like you are part of a superhero film is by having vibrating seats in your home theater system. Special technology known as a tactile transducer or a bass shaker can be installed to chairs and couches in your home theater. During a superhero battle scene, your seats will vibrate and shake according to the action. This can help immerse you into the movie and really enhance the viewing experience. Individual bass shakers can be installed in specific chairs, or you can have a whole system installed to all the seating in your home theater.

4. TV Calibration Tools

The color palette of a superhero's costume is important for accurately representing the design that originated in comic books. If Superman's blue or Iron Man's red is looking a little off, then you can benefit from the installation of TV calibration tools. These tools will help adjust the colors and contrast on your home theater system. This feature can present the superhero films the way they were meant to be presented. For example, the film Man of Steel has a subdued color palette that creates a moody look for the film. Improving your TV calibration can help showcase the colors the way they were meant to be seen.

5. Power Options

When watching an epic superhero film, it can be quite annoying to deal with humming or distracting noises coming from various electronics. This type of noise distraction can come from a number of sources, including bad audio and video cords or an interference with other devices in the home. A home theater professional has the ability to install top quality AV cables and set up a power solution that is separate from other devices in the home. The goal is to eliminate any noise pollution and provide your system with the clearest sound possible.

Once your home theater is complete, try out the new system using high-quality HD versions of a superhero movie through a Blu-Ray disc or some type of streaming service. Contact a representative from a company like A Tech Security to get started with the upgrade plans for your home theater.