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Beyond Break-Ins: 5 Ways An Internal Security System Can Make Your Home More Secure

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When you consider installing a home security system, your first thought may be of an alarm system that is intended to deter intruders and warn you about a break in. While home security systems can help in this area, a full security alarm system can do much more to make your home a safe and secure place for all of its occupants. 

Use Internal and External Cameras To Monitor Your Property While You Are Home 

Most modern security systems include internal and external cameras to monitor your property. With modern wireless technology, it is easy for you to access these cameras on your smartphone or computer. This can allow you to see when visitors are approaching your door, let you check on a sleeping baby in the nursery, or allow you to monitor what is bothering your dog in the backyard, all without leaving your current position. The extra knowledge of what is going on around your house can help you keep children and pets safe. 

Set Up Alarms On Off-limit Rooms When You Have Young Children Around 

If you have young children, then there are probably areas of your home that are off limits, such as the medicine cabinet, kitchen, or a work room. While these areas might be locked, many young children are resourceful enough to find keys and access these areas. Installing an internal alarm will let you know immediately if your child gains access to a room where there may be harmful or dangerous items, potentially giving you enough time to get to your child before an accident happens. 

Automatic Messages Can Tell You When Your Alarm System Is Disabled

If you have older children or teenagers, then you will likely instruct them about how to disable the alarm system so they can enter the home after school or allow friends inside. This knowledge allows your children to enter and exit the premises freely, which you may not always want. By setting up your system to send a text message to you any time it is deactivated or activated, you can monitor when your children get home from school and also get a warning if anyone is trying to sneak out at night. You can also set up your alarm system so only you can deactivate it with remote access, causing your teenager to call you to disarm the alarm system any time they enter or leave the home. 

Detect Early Carbon Monoxide Leaks or Fires 

Alarm systems usually include highly sensitive fire and carbon monoxide detection. Modern systems will detect both slow, smoldering fires and active fires with flames. This can give your family time to safely get out of your home in an emergency and may be able to alert the proper emergency services in time to prevent extensive damage to your home. 

Protect Your Health With Medical Alert Options 

Finally, with external monitoring of your home, you may want to include a medical alert option. This can include a button you press or a pull cord in strategic places such as a bathroom or a bedroom. These alarms, when activated by you, will let your security company know to alert medical professionals that there is a problem at your home. While this is often used in homes with elderly or ill residents, it can also be useful if you have a baby or young child. 

A home security system is about much more than protecting your family and belongings from intruders. When used correctly, it can help you monitor your premises to give you more control over your home and increase your overall safety and security throughout your home.